A rebrand for Visa

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Visa Rebrand

With a new tagline, as well as a refreshed brand logo, Visa is introducing a new visual identity for one of the most recognised and powerful brands in the world.

The first external expression of the new platform debuts today with a new Olympic-themed television commercial airing in the United States, and then expanding to reach key audiences through variety of other traditional and digital channels in the coming months.

It’s a little hard to tell from this implementation how the logo has changed. In essence they’ve simply removed the yellow flick on the V and introduced a subtle gradient across the whole, reminiscent of it’s starting point, going back to its roots if you will. However, we might not see this as a massive leap from it’s previous incarnation, but boy has it changed over the years.

Personally, I think calling this a “rebrand” is a bit cheeky. It’s a refresh. A simplification. A rebrand it is not. But I like how they are using this “rebrand” as a front for the true message which is their brand new campaign! Clever Visa!

Turn Pinterest into an Inspiration Engine


When Pinterest hit our browsers it was hailed as the ultimate distraction for foodies, interior designers, fashionistas and crafty folk. It gave unlimited access to millions of pretty things to ooh and ahh at, and promised to clear your bank account in a matter of minutes.

However Pinterest doesn’t have to be a distraction. Quite the contrary in fact. It can be the perfect inspiration engine. As a designer, i’m constantly on the lookout for emerging design trends, nice ways to display concepts, colour schemes etc. Instead of trawling multiple websites, I can do it all in one place with a few simple keystrokes. And like the ultimate bookmark, I can pin things I like to individually created boards, so I have a reference to look back on. Not to mention the fact that if there’s stuff I don’t want others to see, I can create three secret boards, for my eyes only.

And if you don’t want to curate your own boards… just looks at the millions of boards other people have created. There’s something for every single topic, and you’re guaranteed to find some proper Inspiration in just a few clicks.

I’ll give you a head start! Here are some of my favourite Design Boards to follow.


Follow Typography by Jeremy Pruitt on Pinterest
Follow Typography by Kristin Holt on Pinterest
Follow Typography by . . . on Pinterest

UI Design

Follow UI by Charles on Pinterest
Follow UI by Luca Troisi on Pinterest

Colour Palettes

Follow Design seeds color chips by Evelyn Chow on Pinterest
Follow Color chips by Susan Hemphill on Pinterest
Follow Color Palettes by Vicky S. on Pinterest


Follow Logos by Jeremy Pruitt on Pinterest
Follow Logos by Vale Design on Pinterest
Follow Logos by Rebecca Schley on Pinterest


Follow Branding by Julia Castaño on Pinterest
Follow Branding by Kris De Winter (timeless.) on Pinterest
Follow BRANDING by ds www.dagmarastozek.com on Pinterest

Concept Design

Follow Concept Design by Moohyun Jang on Pinterest
Follow Digital Paint – Concept Design by Arnaud Destrée on Pinterest

And after all of that, if you think you’ve got any room left, Follow Me on Pinterest!

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Turning Thirty Poster Design

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 20.588 Sep

E from ReRamble is turning 30 and to commemorate the big event she has designed a poster of things left to learn. Instead of focusing on the past the poster illustrates 30 (of all the) things she has yet to learn in the future.

This was an opportunity to use a style of illustration they developed for a book that never came through so even though it took more time than they had expected, they enjoyed working on the poster.








Designing Facebook Home

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On May 8th, the designers behind Facebook Home (Justin Stahl, Francis Luu, Joey Flynn and Mac Tyler) presented a behind-the-scenes look at their work at the Bluxome Street Winery for a small crowd. In this four-part talk, they discuss how they combined their high-level goals with an iterative process and interactive design tools such as Quartz Composer to bring the first version of Home to launch.

Designing Facebook Home from joulee on Vimeo.