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Everytime we sit down to work on a project, there’s tons of things we will need. I have a little stock folder of things i’ve created myself and elements that i’ve spotted and filed for later use. I can pull inspiration or parts from these to use in various projects and speed up the design process. Although it’s always preferable to make my own elements, sometimes it’s not always feasible. In these times, it’s nice to have a stockpile of go to items. I gather these every single day from various places around the web. One favourite spot of mine is FreebiesBug.

They have everything from PSD’s, fonts, code stuff, wordpress themes, icons and ui elements. Give them a bash the next time you’re looking for a freebie!

Freebies Bug

Tomas Laurinavicius is a designer, entrepreneur and editor-in-chief at Despreneur. He is also Product Manager at Refe, a marketplace of the best mobile photos. He has put together an awesome tutorial over on tutsplus on how to design an elegant blog layout in Photoshop. It’s well worth a look!

Check out this tutorial

Nemo // A Free WordPress eCommerce Theme

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InkyDeals is one of my favourite spots for Freebies and right now they have a cracking giveaway of DXThemes ‘Nemo’. This eCommerce WordPress Theme is normally €45, but Inky have it for FREE!

Download it for Free over at InkyDeals! This offer is expiring soon though so hurry!

Theme Preview

- WooCommerce ready (supports WooCommerce 2.0.20).

- Revised and improved Turbo framework with new shortcodes and content types.

- Both single page and multi page site structure.

- Google fonts and Fontawesome integrated.

- Once click dummy data import.

- New Skills, Price table and Tabs shortcodes.

- Recent products carousel.

- And much more!


Body Painted Jeans – One amazing Make Up Artist

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I’ve a huge appreciation for Make-Up Artists. They are a seriously talented bunch of people creating works of arts on human bodies. One such MUA is Marie P from France who recently body painted jeans onto an almost naked model, who then walked through the streets of Lille, France, to see if anybody would notice. This is some seriously impressive work! At a glance, I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Redesigning and rethinking Wikipedia

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There have been numerous redesigns of various services over the years, and wikipedia is just one such service. I’ve seen people undertaking redesigns and rethinks of how Wikipedia looks and behaves in the past, and always kind of thought “what’s the point?? it’s a wiki”. All Wiki’s looks the same (or similar). That’s the point right?

But when you dig deeper and start really thinking about the service, and about the user experience of using the site, you can begin to understand how unfriendly it is to the user. It’s a hostile environment. We all know it looks like shit… but it doesn’t really work very well either. It has so much content, and most of it is hidden. Related content is often overlooked, when it should compliment the info you’re reading.

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